Changes in any civilization are inevitable. The collective consciousness of sentient beings gives rise to massive planetary, galactic and universal awakenings and changes. Through ages, civilization across the universe have opposed the evils of society leading to many paradigm transitions. A revolution is the peak of consciousness where the mind says “OK, that’s enough”. Revolution 1 o 1 is a series of fictional plays from Planet Omtrox depicting a collection of social awakenings from the different expanses of the universe.


Flash Fiction Mob is a sudden act of theatrics performed by a group of artists in front of a crowd. Another innovation from the Omtrox Cinematic universe. Some of the most dramatic and fascinating scenes from the OCU arranged in the form of real time theatrics with the key element of surprise. Planet Omtrox is set to host the 1st series of Flash Fiction Mobs creating some of the most epic live action theatrics in the world of fiction.


It is a popular belief that Earth has been visited by intelligent extra-terrestrial beings since primeval ages and had contact with humans since their very evolution. It is believed that they brought the gift of advanced technology and the wisdom of modern culture affecting the development of human civilization. Evidences like ancient artifacts, cave paintings, scriptures, religious and cultural practices found across the world suggest that these spacemen had a massive role in the evolution of human life. Ancient Spacemen is a series of play from Planet Omtrox reliving some of the moments from the ancient alien era.


The concept of Cargo Cult first came to existence during the cultural alteration of Melanesia in the late 19th century. Although the term is relatively new, but the instances of Cargo Cult dates back to the primeval period. The consequences of a technologically underdeveloped civilization meeting a technologically developed civilization. Ancient astronauts brought with them the gifts of technology, spiritual wisdom, and agriculture establishing the pillars of early human civilization. Science fiction has taken this culture to the masses in the present era. Cargo Cult is a series of plays from Planet Omtrox giving a glimpse into the world of Cargo Cult.


Where did life come from? What or who created us? And why are we here? These are questions forever asked without having any conclusive answers till date. Everybody believes in their own set of ideas of life. Science, religion and culture provide different sets of beliefs which are acknowledge in different parts of the world. Science fiction have come with thousands of stories of origin completely out of human imagination. Primal creation is a series of plays from Planet Omtrox depicting the various stories of creation.
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