The Department of Alternative Science is an educational division of Planet Omtrox. Modern science and technology has helped humans to reach the pinnacles of civilization. But many aspects of science that prevail in the working of the universal system are still untouched and are not being studied. Alternative science is a subject that goes beyond the realm of mainstream science. Study of science fiction, relation between religion and science, metaphysics, paranormal science, science and mythology, study of the Vedas, primitive technology and architecture, lateral thinking, sacred geometry, study of consciousness and universal philosophy. These are some of the areas of study under the alternative science. As the known human civilization enters the 6000-year mark, Planet Omtrox strives to achieve a greater human evolution through universal knowledge and wisdom.


At the very moment of creation, the sound of the universe resonated. The universe later manifested through harmonic resonance. Everything in the universe is at a constant vibration that creates the primitive sound of life. Consciousness is believed to respond to the vibration and the sound of the universe. Musical instruments from many parts of the world have been specially designed to generate the sound of the universe and nature. Universal sound is the first social experiment designed to affect the mass consciousness of people through sound and vibration.


Thousands of years ago, the planet Earth was a galactic outpost. The No Man’s Land, which served as a tourist destination and as a site for scientific experimentations. Before the colonization of Earth, representatives from different sectors of the galaxies came together to start a massive experiment with sound and vibration that was known as the Infinix. The grand experiment resulted in the creation of music. Music became one of the biggest discovery in the cosmos. The first sets of musical instruments were designed and the galactic community made their way to Earth to get a firsthand experience of this universal spectacle. Earth was established as the sanctuary of music. The first music stage, The Infinix One was built on Earth to host a galactic audience with performances from the batch of primitive musicians. After the universal government ordered the evacuation of earth, The Infinix One was lost in the sands of time. Planet Omtrox rebuilds the 1st music stage with its full glory and invites the galactic community to witness the historic phenomenon of the Infinix home coming.


The world has always been inspired and fascinated by stories that speak of mythology and folklore. From Egypt to India, China to the Middle East, Europe to America; mythology and folklore bring about a huge cultural exchange between different cultures and societies across the globe. Some of these stories have been presented through popular media. World Fiction is a series of plays from Planet Omtrox displaying some of the greatest works of mythology and folklore on Earth.


Developed in Germany 1990, trance has become one of the most influencing form of music on this planet. The soothing and hypnotic qualities of Trance are the prime reason for the overwhelming response from music lovers across the world. Fans claim that they experience a heightened consciousness and utopia through trance. Trance Maya is a dedicated 360 degree revolving stage for Trance and Techno music. Planet Omtrox aims to create the circle of life through a 360-degree stage in the quest of connecting to the universal consciousness to find serenity through music.
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